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Operating Hours:
Open Daily
12:00 – 14:00
18:00 – 22:00
Number of Seats: 180 persons

Boasting a beautiful Japanese style décor, the Takezono provides a relaxing atmosphere and is tastefully decorated. This restaurant consist of an open sushi & sashimi bar, teppanyaki tables and private rooms.

Surrounding by the lake with ornamental fish, live sushi counter with counter seating for 12 persons. Outside the lake perimeter is the seating tables for two persons with the decoration wall background of traditional Japanese Sake displayed in the original casks.

Surrounding by bamboo garden, live sushi counter and sunlight top roof ambiance
2 Moon Shape dining Table can be seat for 24 person

5 Private Rooms with option available in the first and last rooms ,and sliding doors will enable the extension of the dining. All seating is designed with backrest and side of the wall will have double glass and traditional décor.
TOKYO Room : 10 seats, Family Shared of 2 backrest dining tables
SAKURA Room : 24 seats, Visible of group dining option or function
HOKKAIDO Room : 10 seats
KOBE Room : 10 seats
YOKOHAMA Room : 10 seats

Enjoy with our chefs perform of their artistic cooking skills in front of you and experience the unforgettable tasty Japanese food at Takezono.
3 Teppanyaki kitchens with the seating for 10 persons of each and one of family shared.
OSAKA Room : 10 + 10 seats, Family Shared of 2 Teppanyaki Counter
HIROSHIMA Room : 10 seats
OKINAWA Room : 10 seats


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  Reviewed on November 11, 2018

Very good

Very good room smell and lobby very big come to Khmer bistro have staff very friendly Sreypich Chan and food Vimol dara manager Sean Veasna they help me make funny a lot laugh Thank you much sokha hotel
Explore53311507516    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on November 11, 2018

sokha 酒店

酒店环境非常好,拉开窗帘以后,门口那个喷泉我觉得非常的有民族特色。晚餐的时候,助演的小演员感觉很专业,然后态度非常和蔼,充分显示了柬埔寨的民族特色,如果可以的话,我相... See More
Meander10863363607   China    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on November 11, 2018


酒店在细节方面做的非常好,有电梯门口那些水里面泡的花,是黄色的和红色的,花的颜色非常的鲜艳,花朵始终保持新鲜,卫生。整洁度来讲,每个酒店细节方面做的非常好,没有看见烟... See More
Voyager21968229983    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on November 11, 2018

A very comfortable hotel

very good hotel, the room is very nice, the balcony is good we can see the beautiful garden from there. the breakfast is tasty, swimming pool is very big. The staff women are very beautiful and their service is very good. Laura , Nha and Lileang in... See More
Seaside63082538689    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on November 11, 2018

Happy trip

the people is very beautiful. the service is very nice they have a good attitude and taking good care of allmembers of our group always smiling Laura and Sreyleak. the room is very beautiful and big. the atmosphere is good. the food is delicious.... See More
Climber42606312897    TripAdvisor