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Operating Hours:
Open Daily
12:00 – 14:00
18:00 – 22:00
Number of Seats: 180 persons

Boasting a beautiful Japanese style décor, the Takezono provides a relaxing atmosphere and is tastefully decorated. This restaurant consist of an open sushi & sashimi bar, teppanyaki tables and private rooms.

Surrounding by the lake with ornamental fish, live sushi counter with counter seating for 12 persons. Outside the lake perimeter is the seating tables for two persons with the decoration wall background of traditional Japanese Sake displayed in the original casks.

Surrounding by bamboo garden, live sushi counter and sunlight top roof ambiance
2 Moon Shape dining Table can be seat for 24 person

5 Private Rooms with option available in the first and last rooms ,and sliding doors will enable the extension of the dining. All seating is designed with backrest and side of the wall will have double glass and traditional décor.
TOKYO Room : 10 seats, Family Shared of 2 backrest dining tables
SAKURA Room : 24 seats, Visible of group dining option or function
HOKKAIDO Room : 10 seats
KOBE Room : 10 seats
YOKOHAMA Room : 10 seats

Enjoy with our chefs perform of their artistic cooking skills in front of you and experience the unforgettable tasty Japanese food at Takezono.
3 Teppanyaki kitchens with the seating for 10 persons of each and one of family shared.
OSAKA Room : 10 + 10 seats, Family Shared of 2 Teppanyaki Counter
HIROSHIMA Room : 10 seats
OKINAWA Room : 10 seats


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