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   Beverns ,  Tripadvisor
   United States ,  01 April, 2014

When in Siem Reap, this is the place to relax from a long day of Temples and heat. There are plenty of neighborhood restaurants and even laundry to drop off your clothes to get cleaned. Great breakfast buffet and a pool that is gorgeous! Free 15 minute foot massage at check in while musicians play traditional music. Love it here!

   timeless7... ,  Tripadvisor
   Japan ,  01 April, 2014

I have used in (JMB tour) JAL pack. It is the room of the club suite. There is a size of about 2.5 times the twin standard of Japan. Such worry was useless I thought Cambodia so very hot, and,,, Na's hot likely until it comes into play even if I put the air conditioner after you Ki-shitsu. Yes it is inserted from before the arrival room key for the switch (card), I was able to enter the cool room. Also, I think so are available to you a soft kind of Japanese female staff very demeanor, it is good I asked if there is that minute from not be in trouble. Myself because I was worried about food poisoning raw vegetables and ice, such as fruit, so was that I asked without regard for being rude, and, please rest assured 99.9%, food

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   Renegadus ,  Tripadvisor
   Russian Federation ,  01 April, 2014

The company that owns the hotel is also the main Angkor by which all tourists buy passes to Angkor Wat - analogue monopoly. super modern hotel - there is a nice spa center with massages and several restaurants with excellent cuisine poolside (incidentally take room overlooking the pool would be boring otherwise) in the evenings pass show - dancing - you can watch from the balcony, or go down and dine at the same time There is a shop with different souvenirs and commodities way taxi from the hotel is very expensive, better not use Hotel and see their website under special offers if you a few nights - you can get something as a gift - spetsuha updated hotel is centrally located near excellent and you can walk to the neighboring

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   hitokuro3... ,  Tripadvisor
   Japan ,  01 April, 2014

Interior of nostalgic feeling, I was very relaxed. Well, the location is convenient sightseeing and shopping. Breakfast was also very delicious. Only connection of Wi-Fi is bad, it was bad only in the lobby, but high marks in overall!

   mogukan ,  Tripadvisor
   Japan ,  01 April, 2014
I took advantage of the New Year this year. It is a convenient point in the middle, even to go to the center of the city ruins and tourism. I think rates not high given the time. Below, and then evaluated in the calm, is all well and good, quiet hotel, but is not a luxurious feel as you see in the picture. You think that it is good in the sense that buy a sense of security, but the hotel staff usually fairly. The restaurant was not able to properly guide the staff at breakfast. Service is not good enough poolside. There is no feature in terms of service and think about it, it is unsatisfactory feeling. It might be for people who want to spend
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