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    Reviewed 1 month, 10 days ago
   TripAdvisor on 10 September, 2018

Great dinner with perfect sevice The food excellent and also beautiful apsara we have very good fun I want to say thank you to Mr Khvun that he invited me to eat dinner there 
Sokha siem reap is the best place for relax good wive the pool very cool place 
The location is the best

Sovan S
    Reviewed 1 month, 12 days ago
   TripAdvisor on 08 September, 2018

Very good location, beautiful modern hotel, delicious food, with very good facilities, staff is very helpful exsprcially Mr. Nirodey and welcoming, his smile and warmth makes the stay so comfortable.I highly recommend this hotel for nice relaxing holidays,

bunkimsour99    Cambodia
    Reviewed 1 month, 14 days ago
   TripAdvisor on 06 September, 2018

My parents and I stay in the hotel for 3 nights. This hotel provides nice services,with free swimming pool,delicious breakfast and massage experience for charge. The employees,Mr Paiseu,Mr Kanhn and Ms Ratha,who are very friendly and kindly,hope the company can give them a prize.

    Reviewed 1 month, 19 days ago
   TripAdvisor on 01 September, 2018

很优雅的速卡暹粒度假酒店,进门的一瞬间就给人满室的浪漫与温馨。直线条的造型,是高棉风格的搭配,房间干净、整齐。在十分充足的阳光下,顿时显得轻松、舒适、自然。而且 Paiseu Chheaing 是酒店的的接待员服务真的很周到,让人无比的舒心,服务态度又很好都没有让我失望,值得表扬!I and my colleagues really have a great time at sukha Siem Reap resort and convention center.

Susan P    China
    Reviewed 1 month, 23 days ago
   TripAdvisor on 27 August, 2018

Stayed at the property for 4 nights and it was thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable. The property is built on a sprawling 75 hectares of land with over 750 rooms. Six resturants, a large pool, spa and gym facilities, gardens, you name it they have it. The decor is traditional Cambodian style with wood in abundance. The staff were very helpful and the service impeccable. 

The property is a USD3 tuk tuk ride out of the city centre which takes you out of the crowd to the serene Siam Reap countryside. The Angkor Park ticket house is across the street.

Breakfast spread is huge upto 10.30 am. 

On the flip side, the minibar in the room was not stocked and the fridge wasnt working. But

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Amitav B
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  Reviewed on September 25, 2018

An excellent served

I had a very nice stay at the Sokha Siem Reap, Cambodia. The staff are very helpful and attentive. They have an amazing, The hotel room was nice, clean, and air conditioned. There is a beautiful outdoor pool. The hotel has easy access to Siem Reap's... See More
savyarina4   Cambodia    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on September 23, 2018

Great resort

I am from Vietnam. So Kha resort is one the best hotel I have stayed. The service is excellent. Ms Laura had exceptional assistance and helpful. Definitely I will stay in this resort next time. Every thing is satisfying
trankien88   Vietnam    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on September 22, 2018


สะอาด รู้สึกสะดวกสบาย กว้างขวาง ปลอดภัย ใกล้ตัวเมือง fitness สระว่ายน้ำ ดีมาก... See More
Yukolthorn S   Thailand    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on September 22, 2018

A fantastic travel.

I am from China,I am gald to travel in Cambodia.What astonish most are the beautiful sinces of the Angkor Wat and Beng Bealea.We live in the hotel named Sokha which is very comfortable and beautiful.The hotel serves very well,especially Paaisue and... See More
2657908213   China    TripAdvisor
  Reviewed on September 22, 2018


We arrived here for 6days travel.In our view the city is very poor,but the first day we arrived the feel is not bad.We stay in the Sokha Angkor Suites ,here is very beautiful and comfortable.Mr.Paiseu is very good,so helpful.
992014310   Cambodia    TripAdvisor