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Cloud 9 Kids' Club

At Sokha Thansur Resort, the children can enjoy their time at Cloud 9 Kids’ Club, a large and appealing indoor children playground equipped with modern edutainment equipments and safety environment. Join together with your kids or just let them explore the joyful time by themselves! Come to Cloud 9 for a time of fun, games, movies, songs, dance, crafts, reading and much more!


Gathering many kinds of children books, cartoon movies and edutainment toys offer your children to read, watch and play.

Sport Activities

Cloud 9 provides a selection of education and fun games ranging from a soft and easy balloon play to physical activities games help your child build confidence and skills. These fun indoor games and activities will provide hours of entertainment!


After a fun time and energy spending with games, the children can enjoy their favourite food, drinks and ice-creams at Cloud 9 canteen.